Friday, March 16, 2012

Freaky Friday - Mixed Bag of Freakiness #2

The Tri Tones hit the road in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Dudes in socks & sunnies.
It's like a horror movie.

Campbells Weiner Casserole anyone?

Or pack them troubles up into your hairpiece 
and take them with you!

Such a relaxed, casual holiday shot.
His other leg can go up behind his head.


  1. Very funny Donna, what's with that last guy? I mean they're all a bit off but he looks like he should know better.
    I actually thought you were going to write about the original Freaky Friday movie, a favourite in this house among us girls and a flick I'm sure you'd like too (I'm talking Jodie not Lindsay)

  2. I'm wheezing, I laughed so hard! I think finding this picks for freaky Friday is a natural talent! A+ from me!

  3. What is it with these chicks and their hair? How does it get up so high? Is it a wig? There is also something wrong with the dress, or is it the bra? Maybe they arn't wearing a bra and it is their natural shape.

  4. Hi guys! I have a real thing for chicks with hairpieces at the moment. The horrid dresses were just a bonus!
    And hi Kylie! Yep, Freaky Friday the original movie is great.x


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